Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for consultations?

No, Signil Law Firm offers free consultations.

What should I expect during a consultation?

We believe consultations provide an excellent opportunity for both the firm and potential clients to:

  • meet one another without the pressure of making immediate decisions;
  • briefly discuss the given legal matter at a high level;
  • discuss potential outcomes;
  • explore the possibility of establishing an attorney-client relationship

At Signil Law Firm we believe in transparency, flexibility and providing prospective clients with a realistic assessment of their given legal matter. Consultations provide the best opportunity to achieve these goals, and we look forward to meeting you.

Is the information shared during a consultation confidential?

Yes. The Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct, section 1.18, Duties to Prospective Clients, is quite clear on this issue. Generally, “…a lawyer who has learned information from a prospective client shall not use or reveal that information…” This rule helps create an atmosphere of trust and transparency during consultations.

While there are some exceptions to this rule, this is the general standard in regards to confidentiality during consultations.

Will my case go to trial?

Most legal matters, civil and criminal, are resolved prior to trial. It depends on the nature of the dispute (issue contested, amount of potential damages, degree of crime, etc.) to determine if trial is necessary, or if a resolution can be reached prior to or during trial.

Signil Law Firm is fully prepared to take your legal matter to trial if and when necessary.

Will you keep me informed of the status of my case?

Yes! Consistent client communication is one of the core values of Signil Law Firm. We commit to consistently keeping our clients aware of the status of their legal matter. We also consult with the client before making any major strategic decisions as it relates to the case.

What practice areas does Signil Law Firm provide service?

At Signil Law Firm we seek to build relationships with clients. The needs of our clients often fall within more than one service area, so we offer a wide variety of legal services to meet those needs. We practice in the following areas:

a. Criminal Law
b. Contracts / Business Transactions
c. Family / Domestic
d. Personal Injury / Accidents
e. Mediation
f.  Wills

Attorney Signil is a minister and a lawyer, how is that possible?

Great question. An attorney is one who advocates on behalf of someone else, a minister is one who serves. One of the greatest forms of service is advocating for others. By representing others during times of opportunity, transition and/or unexpected life experiences, Attorney Signil uses advocacy as a form of ministry.

While he is a preacher and is active in a local church, he also sees ministry as being actively involved in the community.

Seeking justice individually and collectively, is one of the primary goals of ministry and legal representation. As a minister and attorney, Christopher Signil is in the unique position to skillfully advocate, with care, compassion, and conviction.